Disk space management

Every Windows user knows that no matter how big your hard drive is, data will eventually take all of it. Modern software and multimedia content for Disk space management have become really greedy in terms of gigabytes. To make matters worse, many applications for Disk space management create temporary and / or system files that might be huge and difficult to locate. In many cases they clean up the mess. But as time moves on, more and more unerased trash starts to slow down your computer. And you have to do that again: reinstall Windows, format your disks to have a few months of freedom on your PC.

Beside such extreme methods of disk space management, you surely have come across some traditional tools to organize and manage files and folders.

Standard free download programs are fine as long as you use standard folders and do standard things. The problem with people, though, is that we are not that standard about our hard drive needs. We might get impulsive when we create a folder with a tongue-twisting name. The impulse might go, but the folder we create stays. And that is when standard programs work badly.

First, you have to find large files and folders and traditional programs make this job surprisingly difficult. It takes ages to view folder size. You may have to manually search around to find files that occupy the most space on your drive. Sometimes these files are so well hidden, that they are virtually impossible to be located. One more problem in the pc windows xp vista utility is navigation. These days a typical free download computer will have thousands of different directories, which makes it not so easy to locate data. Using standard free download applications, you may have to scroll down a lot of screens before you get somewhere. Is there a better way?

There is a small but efficient computer tool called Directory Size that can help you manage your files much more efficiently. The software features an intuitive interface to help you get through all these files and folders. Another benefit is that it turns data into pictures and graphs allowing you to conduct visual disk space analysis. Our mind can structure and process visuals much faster than pure numbers and bits of text.

Another important issue is speed. Directory Size operates in the background. It creates a map of where things are. That is why when you need to get somewhere around all those gigabytes, Directory Size offers you a navigation map that makes finding things pretty easy.

The pc computer windows xp vista utility helps you save money. When you can efficiently organize your data, you do not need to get into the hype for more gigabytes. It is much more comfortable to live in a neat apartment than in a huge but messy house where you stumble every time you want to find the remote control or even the way to the bathroom.

And you know what; size does matter when we speak of files and folders on your hard disk drives. Directory Size helps you locate and keep an eye on the biggest space eaters on your computer. You can even arrange folders according to their size. Thus you can always see what programs and files occupy your precious disk space and take appropriate action when necessary.