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You probably agree that disk space management is not an easy business. It’s not easy to manage thousand files and folders not-structured and scattered all over the hard disk. However now has appeared new disk space manager and disk space monitor which will facilitate this problem(task) - Directory Size for disk space monitoring. Everything, that is necessary for you in disk space manager is to get the license version of the program and to use its(her) opportunities as much as necessary for disk space monitoring and disk space management.

ОК you say. But why should I pay money for disk space management? Whether is Directory Size worth this money? We can assure you that is. Be convinced.

The free download windows xp vista program gives you an unique windows xp vista computer tool of disk space monitoring. Thanks to folder structure as a tree you receive evident representation about the hard disk usage. Having pressed on any folder you receive its structure of folders of the following level, etc. Thus the program allows to analyze folders structure on a disk without problems and to define whether they are worth the presence there. For example if there is a folder Music in the folder Images it is obvious it’s not worth staying there. It would be more difficult without disk space monitor to define where exactly there is this folder.

But it is insufficiently to know structure and folders distribution. It’s important to have also other data on each directory. The free download pc program will help you. Opposite to each folder there is the data on each folder interesting you in a separate window. For example for the folder Music you’ll find out 4 folders enter into it (rock, pop, country, jazz) and 100 more not-classified tracks. Do you want to know more? No problems. Thanks to disk space monitoring you’ll find out about structure of each of 4 folders (for example hard-rock, metal, art-rock and punk are included in the first one), its size (both in bytes and in percentage), amount of the included folders and files.

In the pc software you can directly manage directory elements (for example to delete or change properties).

But it’s not yet all. Due to effective disk space monitor you’ll learn in what way files and folders are allocated on size and what directory share they occupy. For this purpose graphic data presentation is used un the windows xp vista utility - the diagrams evidently showing all folder directory structure.

Other interesting means is Top100. In the disk space manager there are 3 such tops - for folders, files and extensions. The command shows 100 largest elements. Probably the last top will be interesting for you separately. If you want to find out what musical extensions are most distributed in the folder Video this command’s for you. You’ll find out for example that the largest extensions on size are vob, avi and mpg while wmv and mkv extensions are not.

Any management is impossible without control. Disk space management is not exception. Now you can keep necessary disk space data as a html or txt-file. All you need in the computer tool is to press Save and keep the file in any folder you want.

Thanks to Directory Size you’ll forget about disk space problems forever and disk space monitoring will become convenient pastime for you.