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Today it is possible to meet set of disk space reporting programs for work with disk space in the program market. We’ll speak about one of them. The program Directory Size as disk space reporting tool for disk space report is intended for management and disk space reporting. Thanks to disk space reports which Directory Size gives you receive full information about disk space usage, folders structure on your hard disk, free disk space and other.

The program to report free disk space and for disk space usage report will please you with friendly interface. On the tools panel there is a minimum of buttons, the basic work are visualized in four windows which give disk space usage report.

The pc windows xp vista program to report free disk space works on the principle of folders tree. In the left top window there is catalogues tree which is on your PC. Due to this the information on hard disk structure is evident and disk space reports is clear.

You can scan and receive disk space report both of all hard disk and of separate folders. For this purpose you need to choose either Scan selected disk or Scan folder in the pc windows xp vista tool. To the right of the chosen directory you’ll see detailed disk space reporting in the utility about the condition of the directory. What does this report include?

Firstly what folders and files are included in the directory. Secondly what size they have (in bytes and percent). Thirdly how they are located on size in decreasing order. Fourthly how many folders and files the folders included in the directory consist of. Having pressed on concrete folder you’ll find out what files and folders are included in it, what is their volume, distribution, etc. Fifthly you’ll find out what extensions are in the directory and what their general size and amount is. The program will give to you full disk space usage report of each directory.

Take advantage of the bottom right program window to get diagrams of elements distribution for each directory on size. The information will allow you to understand what files and folders are the "heaviest".

Separate innovation is Top100 for folders, files and extensions. The buttons will allow you to get the information on the first 100 largest elements of each directory. Thanks to it you can find out what files are the largest on your hard disk and where they are.

It got easier to report free disk space. In the bottom left window there are data about free disk space for each disk - bytes and percent.

Directory Size gives an opportunity to get disk space report as a separate file. Take advantage of Save or Save all scanned files and keep the received result as txt- or a html-file in a separate folder. In the future you’ll be able to return to the file easily.

Some words we’ll say about one more tool of the disk space usage analysis in program Directory Size - about filter. The filter will allow you to choose the values of files which will be taken into account or won’t be at scanning. In the program 3 values are stipulated - file mask (or extension), size and file owner. For example for file mask you can choose two variants - included and excluded. If you choose exe extensions for the first variant at the scanning exe files won’t be taken into account.

Program Directory Size becomes closer to PC user. Now you needn’t to read large instructions, it’s enough to communicate with the technical support service support@moleskinsoft.com or to go on the Directory Size home site.

Having taken advantage of Directory Size program you can get fast and qualitative disk space reports. Working with the program will become convenience for you.