Disk space usage, disk space usage utility

What should PC disk space usage utility owner know about his «iron friend» first of all? Right - disk space usage. It depends on disk space usage what to do further - to delete superfluous files and free download progrmas (films, music, etc.), to copy new ones, to change folder structure, etc. It depends on disk space usage in what way you’ll be met with PC and how you should work with it. The information can be compared to a person genetic map.

But it is difficult for usual user to understand set of not-structured data in disk space usage. The Moleskinsoft disk space usage utility - Directory Size will help him.

The free download program has intuitively clear interface therefore it is simply to understand the disk space usage utility. The program will consist of 4 windows that’s why let's consider them more in detail.

The top left window. It carries out the role of folder tree on hard disk. Having chosen on the tool panel any disk you receive structure of folders in the window of pc windows xp vista software. The tool works easily and simply - it is enough to press a concrete folder and you’ll see catalogues of lower levels which are included in a folder in a root branch. Thus you receive a full picture of folder distribution and disk space usage.

But it is not yet all. And what about files you say. Certainly the developers haven’t forgotten about files. In Directory Size you find out about what files enter into concrete folder and much another facts. For the purpose it is enough to take advantage of the top right of the windows xp vista utility window.

The top right window. Due to it you find out the detailed information about disk space usage. As a good disk space , windows xp vista usage utility Directory Size offers the detailed information about file and folder distribution of catalogues and directories. Do you want to know what folders of the second level enter into the given folder? No problems. Do you want to know all about the folders - size, share from directory size, amount of files and folders of the next level? No problems. The information is in the neighborhood.

You want to find out what folders and files are the biggest ones in the directory? It’s not a problem too. The free download program and software offers options «Top100 folders» and «Top100 files». Thanks to them you receive picture of how the first 100 files and folders are distributed on the size. A separate novelty is «Top100 extensions» due to which you find out what extensions are the most "popular" in the directory. For example they are dll, sys, exe, cab and dat extensions on my C disk.

OK you say. And if I want to see results to be "alive"? It isn’t a problem too. In the bottom right window there is a diagram which shows results disk space usage as "alive".

For specification of disk space usage results take advantage of the filter (Scan-Filter). The disk space usage utility enables to filter the future results on mask (in which you choose what extensions should be included in results and what shan’t), size (for example you can choose size borders), file owner. The more concrete filtration is the more concrete results are.

We nearly have not forgotten about the last window - bottom left one. It’s the smallest and nonfunctional one but it contains such helpful information as disk size and an empty space on it (for C, D, E drives, etc.).

Are you not sure still yet whether the program is worth getting? Then we’ll tell about one more option - “save all scanned files”. Due to it you easily keep the current scanning result in a separate html- or txt-file. In the future you’ll be always able to return to the results for the helpful information or drawing up of reports.