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Have you ever thought of why the hard disk space aren’t constantly sufficient for you? Maybe the matter of disk usage analysis tool and disk usage analyser is that you don’t have enough time for disk usage analysis and forces for detailed disk usage analysis - it is not easy to understand where and what folders are and what’s in them. But a new disk usage analysis tool for disk usage analyse which will allow you to carry out disk usage analyse practically without your participation has appeared now. The program for disk usage analysis and disk usage analyzer Directory Size is the next Moleskinsoft development and Disk usage analysis tool. What do the developers of the disk usage analyzer suggest?

Firstly it’s a simplicity in work to disk usage analyse. The disk usage analysis tool will consist of a small tools panel and 4 intuitively clear windows evidently giving the information about disk usage. Let's look at the disk usage analyzer more closely.

The first window of the disk usage analysis tool (top left one) shows a tree of folders on your hard disk. It is enough to choose any disk on the tools panel of the free download pc program and you have easily received the result - the structure of the folders placed on the disk. However you can receive the same result and for any directory in the computer windows xp vista tool(Scan-Scan folder).

The second window of the disk usage analyser (top left one) is the most important. You’ll receive all necessary information on directory contents in the computer windows xp vista utility. Disk usage analyse will allow you to find out: 1) what files and folders enter into the directory; 2) what size they have (in bytes and percents); 3) what files are the biggest ones on size (due to size ordering); 4) how many files and folders they (the question is certainly about only folders) include.

However it’s not yet all. Options «Top100 folders», «Top100 files» and «Top100 extensions» will allow you to receive statistics of the 100 largest elements (folders, files and extensions). Due to the option you find out what files for example occupy the basic part of disk space - probably some of them are useless for you.

For specification of search results there is a filter (Scan-Filter) in the free download tool. Due to it you can easily filter the data for disk usage analysis. The filter includes such components as file mask (extension), size and file owner. If you want for example to exclude exe files from the results of the disk space scanning it is enough to take advantage of this command. After scanning you’ll receive folders which size will be reduced by the general size of all exe files which enter into this folder.

The third window of the disk usage analyzer (bottom right one) is intended for the evident image of scanning results. Due to diagrams you’ll easily understand what files or folders are the biggest in directories and what percent of directory space they occupy. It is possible that due to the diagrams it’ll be easier for you to understand what files are worth keeping in the directory and what are not.

The last folder (bottom left one) contains the help information about disk usage for a hard disk.

However the opportunities of the disk usage analysis tool don’t come to an end. If you consider the scanning results after disk usage analysis to be able to be useful for you in the future keep them in separate html or a txt-file in a special folder.

Use Directory Size and you’ll forget about many computer problems.