Directory Size - find large files and folders - find big files and folders

Progress to find big files and folders marches on free download, not stopping for a moment, in computer industry to find large files and folders more than anywhere else. We can witness how the volume of modern data carriers increases dramatically and opens opportunities to find large files and folders that seemed unbelievable before. Could anyone imagine recently that you can use your computer’s hard disk to find big files and folders and to store hundreds of films of high resolution and good quality? But everything tends to come to an end eventually, and every PC user sooner or later starts to wonder where the free space on once large and spacious data carrier has vanished. In fact, there can be a large number of reasons to find large files and folders. It may be because of log and temporary files created by system and user software. They can also remain from "slovenly" installers that don’t erase temporary installation files after their work. If the computer is used by several users, it’s very likely that other users have already filled your PC’s data media with their information without letting you know, placing files into their (which is better and simpler) or not-their (which is much more complicated, but still happens) custom folders or even system folders. After all, there is a chance to find large files and folders you don’t remember what you did with your own large files or folders if you performed some operations in haste or a long time ago.

That’s when the user faces an issue of finding the detailed cause of the problem – as a rule, it means find large files and folders. We should say that built-in system software tools aren’t quite capable of solving this problem – their functionality is designed for absolutely different tasks. Simple file search can’t always provide an integral and clear picture of existence and possible causes of appearance of large files and folders. File software windows xp vista managers that can display information about the size of files and folders in one list usually load the system considerably when they calculate the size, and make it impossible to scroll the folder structure up and down to find the location of a big folder or a big file. There is a need for a special tool free download pc computer program that can quickly estimate the size of disk contents, find the location of the largest data elements and display information in a convenient and intuitive way.

Directory Size to find big files and folders analyses the occupied space on your computer. The file and folder structure is displayed in an intuitive and user-friendly way – as a folder tree and file list like in Windows Explorer. The list of contents contains information about the size of a folder or a file, the number of files and subfolders in a folder and ratio to the total size of the top-level directory. You can get a visual display of the contents as a bar chart of folders and files or a circular chart with a sector representing each folder, their names on labels and a legend. The tool utility program provides information about the number of files of different types, grouped by the extensions of existing files. The utility scans the contents in background mode and can be forcibly stopped by the user. Using a filter, you can get information about files of certain types and excluding certain file types, by specifying the size of examined files. You can save the scan results as a report in an html file.

Thus, Directory Size as free download program is an efficient and convenient tool to find big files and folders for effective control of the way your data carriers are filled.