Visualize disk usage, visualize hard drive space

Modern hard disks are huge. Any of us can get confused in the big congestion of files, folders and directories. One drive can contain tens and hundreds gigabytes and how many such drives on a computer are? It is not a pleasure to search for the necessary folder in such conditions. The windows program Directory Size to visualize disk usage and visualize hard drive space can facilitate this problem for users today. The free download computer program to visualize disk usage can help to any user to visualize disk usage without problems. But let’s talk about all under the order.

To get access to the windows xp vista computer program opportunities and to find directory sizes and folder sizes easy, it is necessary to establish it through Directory Size setup. The program works practically in any modern environment - beginning from Windows 98 and stopping Windows Vista. When you open the windows xp vista program to visualize disk usage you will see some windows. Pay attention to two of them. In left top one to visualize hard drive space there are drives, folders and directories which size and structure you want to find out. In right top one there is the structure.

The PC program tool structure to visualize disk usage is called to answer some questions. Firstly what files and folders are parts of the chosen directory. Secondly what are chosen directory size, folder size and file size. It is easy to see directory size and folder size to the right of names of the directories. They are given in both bytes (kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes) and in percentages of chosen directory size. It will help you to estimate a place of each folder or a file in a directory.

Due to structure you find out what folders and files are the biggest in the chosen directory and in what order (on increase or decrease) they go. You can also order the received files and folders under name, percent, amount of files and folders in higher level folders. It will allow you to receive the full picture of distribution of all directories on your PC.

The program tool gives many pleasant additional opportunities to visualize disk usage. With software's help you can find out files of what type prevail on your computer and in what directories they are usually met. Directory Size is a powerful tool of search too. Due to option Filter you can find among set of files having the certain type (exe., jpg., gif., etc.) or concrete name. The pc program will easily give out to you whether there are such files in the chosen directory or on a computer. Besides you can filter files by a size (if you need certain directory sizes or folder sizes) and a file owner.

When you receive structure of the chosen directory (i.e. the program visualize disk usage) you’ll see the utility's diagram of directory distribution in the bottom right window. It shows distribution in size, types of elements (files and folders) and files types. The diagram evidently shows how directory space is allocated between separate folders and files.

The bottom left window of the utility Directory Size can cause an interest too. Distribution of the drives’ space is evidently shown in it.

Pay attention to the View button. You’ll find commands “Top 100 files” and “Top 100 files” in it. Due to them you can operatively receive the tree of 100 largest files and folders to visualize disk usage in the chosen directory. Especially this button is useful at scanning of all the computer drives. Probably you’ll find out with surprise that much of what occupies large drive space is not simply necessary for you.

In addition after scanning you receive an opportunity to keep the received result as txt- or html-file. Thanks to it you receive the detailed and structured report of all what’s on your PC. Use Directory Size that visualize disk usage for you!