Find Large Folders, Show Directory Size, View Folder Sizes

Check Directory Size to find large folders and show directory size is a free to try Windows program that will visually show you how the hard disk (HDD) space is distributed on your computer to View Folder Sizes. Our software and free download program tool utility to Show Directory Size will help you answer the following 3 questions:

1. What size pc and computer software to find large folders and Show Directory Size does the folder have to show directory size and to view folder sizes? (folder sizes, check directory sizes)
2. Which are the windows xp vista largest files and directory folders on your PC to View Folder Sizes or in a particular folder? (top 100 biggest folders, large files)
3. Files of what windows xp vista types to view folder sizes are stored on the computer, what is their size and number? (find large files and folders, file folder size)

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