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What is necessary for correct disk usage? A little experience and good disk usage utility. Here we shall talk about the second condition. Directory Size is a disk usage utility of new generation combining a high level of functionality and simplicity in hard disk usage.

What exactly does the program for disk usage offer? As a disk usage utility Directory Size is engaged in gathering of information and analysis of hard disk usage - disk space, directory size, folder structure, etc. Using the program you can receive data on all directories and files kept on your computer. Directory Size will give to you powerful tool of analysis of disk space structure. The disk usage utility offers the most convenient variant of folder representation - as a tree. Having chosen a required disk you receive representations about all kept folders and lower level folders for a few seconds.

Directory Size as disk usage utility enables to study each directory structure in detail. Having chosen some directory in the next window you’ll receive the information about what folders and files are in the directory, what size they have (both in bytes and in percents), how many folders and files of the next level they contain (certainly the question is about folders). Having checked a concrete folder you receive the detailed information - the same you’ve received on higher level directory. And so on - all depends on your desires and imaginations.

For fans of the evident images Directory Size as disk usage utility presents graphic display of the disk usage data. In the next window free download pc program deduces diagrams evidently showing data.

A disk usage utility novelty is an opportunity to obtain the data on 100 largest files and folders in a concrete directory. It’s enough to press «Top100 folders» or «Top100 files» and you find out what files occupy the basic part of your hard disk space. The separate option is «Top100 extensions» that will allow you to obtain the data on the extensions of files most widespread in the directory easily.

Due to the filter receiving the information about hard disk usage became more convenient. The computer windows xp vista tool beforehand filters the future results by several criteria: mask, size and files owner. For example the filter on a mask will allow you to exclude some extensions from the analysis. In this case the data will be shown proceeding from presence only files with the stipulated extensions in folders. If, for example, you need to know what space mp3 files occupy in the Music folder it’s enough to enter this extension into the filter and to receive result.

Using Directory Size as a disk usage utility you’ll receive effective means of disk usage management. Use the utility and be pleasure of your PC.